We make investment simple, custom tailor, reliable, guaranteed and transparent with Zero Risk! - Real Estate Commercial and Residential housing projects, - New and Small Business / Start-up - Existing and Running Business Acquisition or Merger - Public Securities (Common Stocks) - Global Foreign Currencies .


Alicom Investments, Inc -Alicom is trusted and privately own investment company, backed by group of sister’s companies, professionals, active operating investors, angle or silent investors, and managing investing partners, whose interest is to earn decent and best interest return on their financial capital, a steady gain ranging from 5% to 25% for their investing in our private investment portfolio.  Alicom’s senior executive management members, officers and investors, angle partners are all real business men, investors, and have  over 25+  years of business and investing experience in diversify investments.

We custom tailor and specializes in investing and diversifying our portfolio in Real Estate Commercial and Residential housing projects, New and Small Business Start-up, Merger, Securities and FX Global market. Our business philosophy is simple, transparent and guaranteed returns while securing our investing partners funding backed by guaranteed notes against real estate or other assets.

Alicom investing opportunities is very selective, unique and is not tailor for all type of investor, we carefully assess investing partner current, past and future expectations for short or long term investing with us before we partnership with them, not everyone is or suitable for investing given their specific financial situation, circumstances, investment goals and objectives.

Our least minimum investment requirement is $50,000, earning a fixed interest rate 5%-25% for short term and long term project portfolio.
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Legal Disclaimer Notice: We are not a bank nor a licensed securities broker or dealer, we are a privately own investing company who is very selective picking an angel or silent investing partner for long terms profit.